6- 60HP electric fuel injection outboard motor


PARSUN 60HP EFI outboard motor is utmost potent, silent, fuel-successful and reliable.  It is an ideal outboard for fishing boats.  Its single overhead camshaft (SOHC) and 8 valves intention for optimum energy and effectiveness.
New streamlining prime cowling
PARSUN 60HP outboard motor has a new cowling design and style with an optimized ingestion air drain method, which can easily drain the water coming into the best cowling for the duration of regular engine operation.
Integral engine monitoring and warning method
Several different sensors continuously monitor the engine’s crucial capabilities.  They will send out out particular alerts to inform you in advance, this kind of as Over-Rev Limiter, Over-Heat Warning, CZPTt-in-Gear Safety, Decrease Oil Pressure Warning, and automatically reduce the motor electrical power to avoid damage.
Multi-point electronic fuel injection with ECM handle to produce the specific gasoline / air combination for ideal combustion and offer sleek managing
PARSUN four stroke 60HP EFI motor is controlled by the ECM device, which guarantees the exact sum of air required for the best possible electricity and gasoline effectiveness.  The air enters each cylinder by means of specific long ingestion manifold, helping to offer air at the precise quantity and timing for maximum density and electrical power.  The 4 electronic gas injectors produce the precise quantity of fuel to get the greatest ideal performance and economy.
Several particular management sensors for EFI method to get the ideal engine functionality
Crank Place Sensor
Throttle Place Sensor
Ingestion Air Force Sensor
Oil Force Sensor
Cooling Drinking water Force Sensor
Ingestion Air Temperature Sensor
Cooling H2o Temperature Sensor
Gas-water separator and gasoline filter
F60 outboard motor is equipped with boat-mounted h2o separating gasoline filter, avoiding any debris or h2o in the fuel from getting into the engine.
Optimized motor emission
Blow-by-fuel re-burning system and labyrinth exhaust aid to get the better emission and lower sound.  F60 outboard motor meets equally CE and EPA Emission CZPTs.
Greatest corrosion defense program for outboard motor
Very anti-corrosive paint technique supplies a five-layer portray towards corrosion. Stainless metal components such as the push shaft, propeller shaft and shifting shaft, give the essential corrosion defense.  Multiple sacrificial anodes during the motor give safety from the factors.
Supreme convenience in operation
one. Built-in freshwater flushing technique offers easy program flushing.
two. Large output eighteen amp alternator facilitates battery charging and fishing electronics.
3. Electrical power trim & tilt or hydraulic system helps make the motor running a lot more very easily.
four. Magnetic drain plug for changing oil easily.
five. Motor RPM meter, boat velocity meter, battery voltage meter and tilt & trim angle meter are CZPT at option.
six. CZPT Delphi E.F.I. multifunction diagnostic scanner (CZPT at selection).

PARSUN 60HP EFI Outboard MotorSpecifications

Item F60 EFI
Engine kind 4-stroke,four-cylinders,8-valve,SOHC
Displacement 996cc
Bore x stroke mm(in.) 65.0×75.(2.56×2.ninety five)
Idling motor speed(rpm) 750 ~ 850
Entire throttle RPM variety 5000 ~ 6000
Max output KW(HP)@ r/min forty four.1(60)@5500
Fuel induction method CZPT gas injection
Ignition technique Micro computer
CZPTting method CZPT (Flip-important)
Alternator output 12V DC / 18amp
Steering program Tiller handle / distant manage*
Gear change Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Gear ratio 1.85(24/thirteen)
Trim and tilt program CZPT elevator / Power trim & tilt*
Shaft duration 508mm (20 in.) 
Max fuel intake 20 L/h
Gas tank capability 24L
Sump oil capacity 2.5L
Gear oil capacity 430cc
Dry bodyweight 113kg~114.5kg*

* Depending on the designs
*Propeller decision will differ by boat dimension and software.
*B=Again manage(Tiller handle), M=Guide start, S=Quick shaft, L=Extended shaft, W=CZPT commence+Guide start off, F=Front management(Remote management),T=CZPT tilt


6- 60HP electric fuel injection outboard motor