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one. CZPTstars air managing unit and air handler attributes
1) Undertake higher-quality lower-noise motor and minimal-speed but huge air flow price enthusiasts, which are with silent procedure, reduced sound, steady and trustworthy efficiency.
two) There is principal nylon mesh filter at the inlet as effectively as a assortment of filtering and sterilization units (aluminum mesh filter, electronic purification and picture catalyst) for selection. The especially committed plate filter can be arbitrarily and easily extracted from left and proper as effectively as up and down, so it is particularly appropriate for compact areas needing routine maintenance cleansing.
3) The insulation resources are the 25mm thick polyurethane substantial-stress foam panel possessing superb insulation and acoustic results, not absorbing h2o and able of properly stopping cold bridges.
4) The heat exchanger is manufactured of higher-high quality air-conditioning copper hydrophilic aluminum foil corrugated sheet by means of mechanical expansion, making sure close cooperation among copper pipes and fins, bringing little wind resistance and good heat transfer efficiency, and supplying a trustworthy promise for productive operation of the device.
five) Air Dealing with Units Air Conditioners, simply because of its exclusive structure, hassle-free and versatile structure and room-preserving feature, it is widely utilised in buying malls, lodges, restaurants, meeting rooms, theaters and other areas and is a mostly intermediate device of the centralized air conditioning system. According to person demands, the supporting management cabinet might be equipped with the features as variable air volume, constant air quantity, building automation networking computerized safety, and so on.

2.CZPTstars Air handler,air managing device, ahu application
one)CZPTstars modular air dealing with models is a new variety of air dealing with gear, primarily based a lot of years of knowledge accumulated in the creation of central air conditioning research and advancement independent.
Have good-looking look, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, good total functionality, low leakage etc .characteristics.
2)Can in accordance to customer specifications to provides a blend of numerous useful segments, widely be utilised in industrial air handling locations these kinds of as electronic devices, precision equipment producing, textiles, substances, cigarettes, prescription drugs, power crops, etc., are also appropriate for commercial structures, restaurants, supermarkets, theaters, exhibition facilities stadiums, shopping malls, resorts, office buildings and other professional and civilian large and medium-sized general public building

three.Air handler complex data, Assembly drawing diagram and photograph

Ceiling Ducted Air Handling Unit(Return Air Situation-4 Rows)
Model Air Flow   Total
Energy Input Return Air
Cooling Ability Heating Capacity Water Movement  Water Resistance Water inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa kW kW L/min kPa DN
EST2CD4 two 250 .twenty five 17.six 36 8.eight twenty five
EST2.5CD4 2.five 250 .32 15.5 21.6 44.four twenty five
EST3CD4 three three hundred .55 eighteen.7 26.1 53.four 19.6 32
EST4CD4 four 300 .75 26 36.two seventy four.4 21.6 32
EST5CD4 five 350 1.1 32.3 44.8 ninety two.4 17.six forty
EST6CD4 six 350 one.5 37.three fifty two.1 106.eight twenty.6 forty
EST7CD4 seven 350 1.five forty three.nine sixty one.3 126 28.4 fifty
EST8CD4 eight 350 two.2 50.6 70.5 a hundred forty five.two 29.four fifty
EST10CD4 10 350 two.2 60.4 84 172.eight 21.6 fifty
EST12CD4 twelve 350 three seventy three one hundred and 209.four 22.five 50
Be aware:
  one. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled water in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  2. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Sizzling water in: 60ºC.


Ceiling Ducted Air Dealing with Device(Return Air Problem-six Rows)
Design Air Flow   Total
Energy Input Return Air
Cooling Capacity Heating Potential Water Stream  Water Resistance Water inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa kW kW L/min kPa DN
EST2CD6 two 250 .25 16.9 21.eight forty eight ten.8 25
EST2.5CD6 2.5 250 .32 twenty.7 26.7 58.8 twenty five
EST3CD6 three 300 .55 24.3 31.5 69.6 eighteen.six 32
EST4CD6 4 three hundred .75 31.6 40.nine ninety.6 20.6 forty
EST5CD6 5 350 one.1 39.three 112.2 thirty.4 forty
EST6CD6 six 350 1.5 45.6 59.1 one hundred thirty.eight seventeen.6 50
EST7CD6 seven 350 1.five 54 sixty nine.9 154.eight 21.6 50
EST8CD6 8 350 2.two sixty two.eight eighty one.3 a hundred and eighty 22.5 fifty
EST10CD6 10 350 2.two seventy 101.8 225.6 thirty.4 50
EST12CD6 twelve 350 three ninety four.four 122.1 270.six 33.three sixty five
  one. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled h2o in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  2. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Very hot water in: 60ºC.

four. CZPTstars air managing unit , air handler selection or series
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air handling unit
-Horizontal hid air dealing with unit
-Vertical hid air handling device
-Vertical exposed air managing unit
-Modular Modulus Air Handling Unit-multi-function air managing device

five. Factors-air dealing with unit or air handler

•Galvanized steel(GI) and stainless metal(SS) CZPT
•CZPT pores and skin, twenty five~50mm PU insulation

•Penta-publish additional weighty gauge aluminum profiles and strong fiber-bolstered PE corner connection forming the structural  frame
• excellent mechanical toughness and rigidity to the unit frame and to prevent any buckling or deformation
• Thermal bridge cost-free design and style, the profiles filled with polyurethane foam for insulation
• Anodizing area treatment for profiles, corrosion-resistant
• Stainless metal frame CZPT

Popular Model Fan and Motor
• Enthusiast assortment based on the air movement and air static requirement  is completed by enthusiast variety computer software
• Direct pushed/ belt pushed, CZPT curve/ backward curve centrifugal supporters, and EC supporter is CZPT for option
• Nicotra, Kruger, Deton, Yilida is supplied as selection
• Motor is TEFC variety, class F insulation and IP54 or IP55 safety, vitality conserving and secure procedure
• Mounted on an adjustable slide for belt stress adjustment
• Variable frequency generate (VFD) motor is CZPT
• Siemens, ABB, WEG, TECO is presented as selection

Vibration Eliminator
• To decrease the transmission of vibration and sounds, enthusiast and motor are mounted on an impartial full base body
• The comprehensive foundation body is isolated by deflection variety spring isolators
• This exclusive framework not only minimize the vibration and noise, but also safeguard admirer and motor for the duration of transportation

Higher Efficiency Cooling and Heating Coil
• All coils calculation and assortment is carried out by selection software program to match the essential conditions
• Big coil encounter location guarantees greatest warmth transfer charge
• All coils examined at 30bar stress underwater 24 hrs
• Numerous corrosion resistance coils for choice:
-Cooper tube with cooper fins coil
 -Epoxy coated fins coil
 -Electrophoresis fins coil
-Heresite coated coil

Large effectiveness filter
Filters are to remove particles and contaminants of a variety of sizes from the air. The kind of air filter currently being employed will really considerably count on the software of the system.
Panel Filter is a flat and rectangular in form and provides a minimum low performance filtration which is satisfactory to the air conditioning sector. The higher velocity filter is arranged vertically whilst the low velocity filter is arranged in V shape. Typical air velocity that moves by means of the filters is in the selection of 2-3 m/s.

HEPA Filter is extremely effective and is capable to accomplish efficiencies up to 99.97%, taking away minute particles and airborne microorganisms from the air. It is usually utilised in clean space apps such as semiconductor generation floor, functioning theaters and vital procedures.

Electrostatic Filter is utilized to take away particles from the air by employing very charged electrodes that ionized the air.
Bag Filter is capable to remove dust particles and is thrown absent soon after use.
Roll Filter is employed for high velocity filtration exactly where the used element is rolled up routinely/manually.

Stainless Metal Drain Pan
• Slop sort layout, no drain drinking water carryover and keep the pan dry
• Avoid the micro-organisms growth within the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is supplied as alternative
• SteriTouch engineering Drip Pan Coating
• Antimicrobial surface
• Very good exterior longevity and corrosion resistance
• Superb adhesion
• Non-poisonous, comply with BS476 component 7

CZPTal management cabinet(optioanl)
•According to the specifications and features of the device to layout the manage console or cabinet
•Auto management each and every part of the unit to make confident the temperature, humidity and cleaness 
•High high quality and international manufacturer electrical factors

6.Why decide on us?
CZPTS Advantages: 
one) The Proof of Quality: Now we have customers in different countries and places, such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Middle- East, Africa…
two) The Guarantee of Quality: Reasonable design, Professional technicians, Stable production workers, Full-scale
 Equipments, Strict QA & QC system…
3) CZPT-made Design: We supply our design drawing according to customer practical situation
four) Technique Support: 
 Walk in cold room: we supply our diagrammatic drawing, feel easier for installation.
 Cold storage warehouse: We have professional engineers who can go aboard to supply technology support and direction, until  turn key for our customers. 
5)CZPT Trade Operation: We have concentrated on international trade of cold storage room line for many years, accumulated various experience from different customers of different countries. So we can update our operation in time according to our customers and new rules. It is helpful to clear custom and save cost and time for our customers.

Q: Can I have a sample for screening ahead of purchasing goods?
A: Yes, you can.And you are warmly welcomed to go to our manufacturing unit ahead of PO.

Q: What is the guarantee of products?
A: Warranty: twelve~24 months soon after Invoice of Lading day. Any unartificial failure occurred inside of the period, we’ll source you the spare parts for totally free, and permanent specialized help & consultation all daily life long for the equipment

eight.CZPTer check out us

nine.Air dealing with device,air handler shipping or container loading

ten.Set up instruction or set up picture, task pictures


Air Conditioner Filter HVAC Ahu