309 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement Of Bonfiglioli 309L1 309L2 309L3 309L4 309R2 309R3 309R4

Replaceable Planetary Gearbox Models

Hzpt 309 series planetary gearbox can replace the following models of Bonfiglioli. Our gearbox design and installation dimensions are entirely consistent with Bonfiglioli, which can perfectly replace your faulty or scrapped gearbox

1. High-duty planetary gearbox of modular construction
2. Brand high-performance tapered roller bearing absorbing the forces exerted by the swing gear
3. Built-in multi-chip friction brake
4. Low-noise running, long service life, high efficiency

Application Conditions:

The gearboxes have been designed for use at ambient temperatures ranging between -20°Ê and + 40°Ê. Environmental influences such as salt water, salty air, sand, dust, overpressure, heavy vibrations, extreme shocks and ambient temperature, aggressive media, and the like impede the product’s function. To enable a safe design of the winch drive, such conditions must be reported to the factory.

Gearbox Design:

The gearbox design is based on many years of practical application experience. The maximum output torques T2max indicated under technical data for crane applications relate to FEM Section 1, 3rd Edition and Section IX (FEM — Federation Europeenne de la Manutention), as well as DIN 15020, collective load class L2, service time category T5 corresponding to driver group M5.
The reference output speed is 25 revolutions per minute maximum. If the swing drive is classified in another driver group, the required output torque must be converted by applying a factor.

Specifications of Planetary Gearbox

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