China Supplier Acid Resistant Motor Drive Circulating Pump End Suction Horizontal Pump

China Provider Acid Resistant Motor Travel Circulating Pump Finish Suction Horizontal Pump

Item Description

CZ-collection pumps have innovative hydraulic design, high efficiency and excellent anti-cavitation qualities. With a higher degree of standardization&broad universality and mounting dimension which is in accordance with standard IS03661,CZseries pumpsareemployed universally in global business.


one. One stage, single suction horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump
2. The suction is horizontal, the discharge is a vertical and the two are forged together with the pump entire body.
three. The pump human body is radial split volute pump and supported by anchor.
4. There are two techniques to balance the axial power of the pump: when the nominal diameter of the impeller is less than or equal to 250mm, the back blade is utilised to harmony the power when the nominal diameter of the impeller is bigger than or equivalent to 315mm, the sealing ring and the equilibrium gap are utilized to equilibrium the power. The residual axial pressure is absorbed by a set of angular make contact with ball bearings.
5. The shaft seal cavity is cast with each other with the pump protect, which can be filled with packing seals or mechanical seals.
six. The pump employs an extended flexible diaphragm coupling, so it is not essential to disassemble the suction and outlet pipe in the course of servicing. The coupling cover is geared up to guarantee security.
seven. The pump device use the sharing base with anchor bolts.

CZPT Parameter

Product Rated Speed n=2900r/min Rated Speedn=1450r/min

Potential Q




Relative Density ρ=1.00 Relative Density ρ=one.84 Impeller



CZPT H(m) Relative Densityρ=1.00 Relative Densityρ=one.84
Motor Electrical power and Product Motor Power and Design
Kw   Kw   Kw   Kw  
YCZ80/250 D 150 fifty five 37 200L2-two seventy five 280S-two E 70 eleven five.5 132S-four seven.five 132M-four
X a hundred and forty 50 30 200L1-2              
E 130 47 55 250M-2              
YCZ80/315 A 200 a hundred thirty a hundred and ten 315S-2 185 315L-2 A one hundred 32 fifteen 160L-four thirty 200L-4
B one hundred ninety one hundred twenty five B ninety five 30
M a hundred and eighty 120 ninety 280M-2 a hundred and sixty 315L1-2 C eighty five 24 11 160M-4 eighteen.five 180M-4
N one hundred seventy 110 75 280S-2 D 70 18 7.5 132M-4 15 160L-four
C one hundred sixty one hundred 132 315M-two              
X a hundred and fifty 90 one hundred ten 315S-2              
D one hundred forty eighty 55 250M-2 ninety 280M-2              
YCZ80/four hundred               A a hundred and five fifty two 30 200L-four 55 250M-four
              B one hundred 50 55 250M-four
              C 90 44 45 225M-4
              D 80 38 eighteen.five 180M-4 37 225S-4
              E seventy five 30 fifteen 160L-four thirty 200L-four
YCZ100/200 A 230 45 45 225M-two seventy five 280S-2 A a hundred and fifteen eleven 7.five 132M-4 eleven 160M-4
B 210 40 37 200L2-two fifty five 250M-two B one hundred ten 5.five 132S-4
C 180 32 22 180M-two forty five 225M-2 C 90 eight four 112M-4 7.5 132M-four
D a hundred and fifty 25 37 200L2-2 D eighty six 3 100L2-four five.5 132S-4
YCZ100/250 A 280 seventy five ninety 280M-2 a hundred and sixty 315L1-two A a hundred thirty twenty fifteen 160L-four 22 180L-four
B 260 70 75 280S-2 132 315M-2 B 125 sixteen eleven 160M-4 18.five 180M-four
M 240 sixty five seventy five 280S-two one hundred ten 315S-two C one hundred twenty fourteen 15 160L-four
C 220 60 fifty five 250M-2 110 315S-2 D 100 ten seven.five 132M-four 11 160M-four
N two hundred 52 45 225M-two 90 280M-2              
D one hundred seventy five 45 37 200L2-two seventy five 280S-2              
YCZ100/315 A 270 one hundred thirty five a hundred and sixty 315L1-2     A 130 32 22 180L-4 37 225S-4
B 260 128 132 315M-2     B 120 thirty eighteen.5 180M-four 30 200L-four
M 250 one hundred twenty     C 100 26 15 160L-four
N 230 112 a hundred and ten 315S-2 185 315L-two D 90 21 11 160M-four 18.5 180M-4
C 220 a hundred and five              
X 210 ninety five ninety 280M-2 160 315L1-2              
D 190 eighty five seventy five 280S-2 132 315M-2              




In the fields of substances, petrochemical sector, metallurgy, artificial fibre industry, pharmaceutical industry,paper making sector, air conditioning industry , sugar sector, heating sector, sea drinking water desalination, and drinking water offer , CZ-sequence pumpsare suited to convey neutral liquid medium, corrosive liquid medium, distinct liquid medium and liquid medium containing handful of sound particles.

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Performance Curve

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1. Q: Are you a maker or trading company?
A: We are a manufacturer set up in 1995, professional company of chemical-method pump and strength-saving mixer with more than 20-12 months knowledge.
2. Q: What’s your delivery time?
A: The batch order will be delivered inside of forty functioning times following receiving deposit.
three. Q: What is your guarantee support policy?
A: 12 Months for all merchandise, and some products warranty is 24months.
four. Q: What information I require to offer for quotation?
A: Medium: ____________                     PH: ________
    Distinct Gravity: _______                   Temperature: _________
    Ability/Circulation: ________m3/h           CZPT: _________m
    Voltage: ____________V                   Frequency: _________Hz
    Electrical power:_____________KW
five. Q: What is your least amount?
A: One set is also welcomed to us.

China Supplier Acid Resistant Motor Drive Circulating Pump End Suction Horizontal Pump