Diamond Electric Motor Scooter E-Bike Moped Scooter


Merchandise Identify Spec.  
1 Product OPG-EM571  
2 Dimension 1760×700×1030 mm
three Wheel middle length 1275 mm
4 Clearacen from ground one hundred fifty five mm
5 Fat ninety six(60V) Kg
six Excess weight CZPT battary 61 Kg
seven Loading seventy five Kg
eight Max speed 50 Km/h
nine Assortment distacne ≥70 Km
10 Acceleration functionality (100m) 15 s
11 Climbing 15°
12 Entrance CZPT Mild Depth 4000 cd
thirteen Turning angle Left 43° Proper 44°
fourteen Braking Way Hand brake  
15 Transmission Way /  
sixteen Brake length(Dry problem) 3 m
seventeen Brake length (damp situation) twelve m
eighteen Brake Frontφ180 disk brake rear Drum brake  
19 Wheel hub(Entrance/Rear) ten*2.15 inches alloy wheel  
twenty Tire(Front/Rear) 90/eighty-10 Vacuum Tire  
21 Tire Pressure(Front/Rear) 250 Kpa

1 Motor Sort 10inches 650W-2000W motor    
two Power 650-2000W W  
3 Revolving velocity (580±10) r/min  
four Voltage 48/60V V  
5 motor efficiency ≥85%    
one long voltage defense forty two/52.5±0.5 V  
2 Overcurrent protection 30±1 A  
1 Voltage 220/a hundred and ten V  
2 Electrical power 50

Tips for battery using as follows:
one: Shall we cost the batteries as quickly as getting new e-scooters?
Re:Indeed, it should be. Pls check out the battery creation date, it ought to be about 2 months or longer time from the date the battery made to the date you acquire the products. So when you acquire the goods, you or your sellers ought to charge the batteries in time for about ten hrs right up until it truly is completely billed for the very first time.
two. How to preserve it if we don’t generate the e-scooter for a long time?
Re: The e-scooter must be fully charged, and the air change need to be turned off, apart from, the e-scooters should be recharged each one~two months.
three. What will be transpired when employing the e-scooters in Winter season year?
Re: You will uncover that the rang for every cost in winter time is shorter than that of other period. It’s normal phenomenon. So, when employing the e-scooter in winter period, pls will not preserve the e-scooter in the open up air overnight and don’t cost the e-scooter in extremely reduced temperature.
four) What ought to be seen when employing the e-scooter in summer time period?
Re: Pls don’t maintain the e-scooter below the robust daylight, and don’t demand the e-scooter below higher temperature.
Don’t cost the e-scooter instantly following driving it under higher temperature, and will not charge it also prolonged time (Usually about eight hours)
5) Can we go on driving the e-scooter when the battery power is lower?
Re: No, it will be damaging to battery lifetime, you should charge the battery in time.
six) Is it harmful to battery if it is more than charged?
Re: The batteries can be swollen and the battery lifetime will occur to en end in progress If retaining utilizing very poor quality or unmatched charger or charging the battery also long time.
seven) When is the ideal time to recharge the battery?
Re: When it demonstrates to or close to the “L” (reduced)area on the show, It will be the very best time to recharge the battery.
8) Is it possible to modify only 1 or two pcs of the battery for replacement?
Re: In a e-scooter, it need to be a entire set of battery ( 4 or 5 or six pcs collectively), if a single or two pcs crack down, the complete set of batteries have to be replaced with each other, but not only shifting single pc.
9) Can be the charger trying to keep with the e-scooter?
Re: Not advised. The e-scooter will be shake on tough highway, if with charge in it, the demand will be shake as well, then the parts in the charger will be drifting, it will influence the charging functionality even make the battery destroyed ( undercharge or swollen) .


OPAI Merchandise Assortment:
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CZPT Motorbike : EEC / EC  CZPT Motorbike, Strong CZPT Bike, CZPT Sport Motorbike,Extended Selection CZPT Motorbike, Amazing CZPT Bike, New design and style CZPT Motorbike
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CZPT Balancing Scooter: One Wheel CZPT Balancing Scooter, 2-wheel CZPT Wise Scooter,KICKBOARD/SCOOTERS
CZPT Tricycle: CZPT Mobility Scooter, three-wheel E-trikes , 4-wheel CZPT Mobility Scooter, Huge Electricity CZPT Tricycle, Cargo CZPT Tricycle, Cargo CZPT Trikes
CZPT Mini Vehicle: three-wheel/ CZPT Seats CZPT Mini Car, four-wheel / four Seats CZPT Mini Vehicle
Motor Energy: 350W~3000W (350W, 500W, 650W, 800W, 1KW, 1.5KW,2KW
Battery: 48V-72V 12AH-60AH (48V12AH, 48V20AH, 60V20AH, 60V30AH, 72V20AH, 72V28AH, 72V30AH, 72V32AH, 72V45AH, 72V60AH) Lead Acid Battery / Lithium-ion /LiFePO Battery (Chaowei or Tianneng Model)
Brake(F/R): Disc / Drum,  Disc / Disc,  Drum /  Drum, Drum / Expanding 
Tire Dimension: 3.-ten, fourteen*3.two, sixteen*two..4, 17*two.a hundred twenty five, ninety/ninety-twelve, 14*two.five,2.75-ten, 90/90-twelve 120/70-12, one hundred thirty/sixty-13 

Diamond Electric Motor Scooter E-Bike Moped Scooter