Direct Driving 12kw 10000rpm Electric AC 3 Phase Motor

Direct Driving 12KW 10000RPM CZPT AC 3 Period Motor

Product Characteristic
1.Suitable for the 10000rpm rated velocity
two.High power & substantial torque
three.Large efficiency
4.Little size
five.Reduced sounds low vibration
6.Patented cooling framework
7.Straightforward maintenance and lengthy existence time
8.Tough, reputable

Design kind: SRPM155M812
Voltage: 380V AC
Rated Electricity: 12KW
Rated Torque : 11.five N.m
Rated pace: 10000rpm
Isolation: H/F
Water/dust Evidence: IP54(IP67 choice)
Cooling Technique: air
Installation Technique: B35

High-speed Compressors,Fans,Pumps

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Motor sort Voltage
(V AC)
Rated electrical power
Rated torque (N.m) Rated pace
Support Aspect Insulation Ingress security Pole Quantity Weight
Cooling Method Placement Sign Installation Method
SRPM151M8XW11 380 eleven eleven 9600 96 S1 H/F IP67 8 10 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO45 380 45 36 12000 ninety six.3 S1 H/F IP67 eight 35 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO55 380 55 43.8 12000 ninety six.three S1 H/F IP67 eight 38 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO75 380 75 12000 ninety six.five S1 H/F IP67 eight 43 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO90 380 ninety 71.six 12000 96.5 S1 H/F IP67 8 forty seven Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO110 380 a hundred and ten 87.six 12000 96.five S1 H/F IP67 8 seventy five Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO132 380 132 one zero five 12000 ninety six.five S1 H/F IP67 8 80 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO160 380 one hundred sixty 127.three 12000 96.five S1 H/F IP67 8 87 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO185 380 185 147.2 12000 ninety six.5 S1 H/F IP67 eight 95 Oil circulation Resolver B35

Direct Driving 12kw 10000rpm Electric AC 3 Phase Motor