High Speed PP PS Pet Sheet Extruder Extrusion Line Making Machine

PP PS PET thermoforming sheet plate movie extrusion line/making machine 

This CZPT PP/PS/PET Sheet Creation Line Maachineis specifically designed for mono/multi Layer sheet for packing indrustry. The engineering of “Single Screw extruding with low dew-level dehumidifying system ” for substantial good quality goods in high transparency CZPT buddle, which will be really crucial for thermoforming.

Uncooked Substance:
one. can be virgin plastic materials. PP, PS, PET
2. can be recyclable content, like PET Bottle Flakes, PP, PS granules
Common Sheet Width: 600-800-1000mm
Usual Sheet Thickness: .two-2mm
1. This line is specifically utilized for producing PET/PBT/PP/PE/HIPS/EVAOH sheet.
2. Surface area Treatment: Incorporating some additives can enhance intensity/toughness/rigidity, flame retardant, embossing, frosting, and so forth.
3. Application: Packing, printing, stationery, artwork operates and many others.
four. Primary Goods: CZPT/advert/file bag/lamp go over/meals packaging

1. Screw with specific mixing and plasticization operate.
2. Coat hanger T-type die head with two throttle style permit to regulate the sheet thickness correctly.
3. Horizontal. vertical, 45 diploma incline variety 3 Roller Calendars may be lifted freely, sheet thickness shall be regualted by screw and pressing roller.
4. Separate roller temperature management method to manage the temperature of urgent roller to acquire even sheet thickness.
5. Exact slicing equipment, excellent cross surface area.
six. Winder with large torque motor, and it’s speed and stress pressure adjustable.
seven. Computerized metering to set the size of the merchandise.

Main Complex Info:

PAR T1  THIS LINE Is made up OF (Obligatory)
1 Automated vacuum feeding equipment one set
two Substantial efficiency one screw extruder (sixty five/33, 75/33,ninety/33,120/33) one set
3 CZPT exchanging device 1 set
four Melting gear pump 1 set
5 T-variety /hanger kind die head (JC-Moments manufacturer) 1 established
six A few Roller Calendars (alloy metal material ) one established
7 Rollers thermoforming machine 1 set
eight Cooling body and edge reducing unit 1 established
9 Haul off machine 1 established
10 CZPT chopping machine-guillotine 1 set
eleven Twin situation sheet winder 1 established
twelve Stacker one set
thirteen CZPTal cabinet (ABB,Omron, RKC,Schneider, Siemens and so forth)  
fourteen CZPT elements 1 established
Part 2  ACCESSORY Machine Elements (CZPT)
1 Air compressor one established
two CZPT h2o chiller 1 set
Element 3 SHEET Requirements
1 Sheet width 600-800mm
2 Sheet thickness .two-2mm
three Sort Pet solitary layer/mono layer sheets 
four Raw materials one. Can be virgin plastic pet substance
two. Can be recyclable substance, like PET Bottle Flakes
Component 4 SHEET Apps
one Packing, printing, stationery, artwork performs etc.
2  Main Items: CZPT/advert/file bag/lamp include/foods packaging
Part 5 PAYMENT, Shipping AND Right after SALE Providers
1 Payment conditions forty% for prepayment by T/T, 60% for balanced payment by T/T, or L/C can be satisfactory
two Delivery time eighty times following receipt of prepayment
3 Packing technique Wooden situations/pallets with stretching movies
four Guaranteed time eighteen months for mechanical components, twelve months for electrical elements
5 After sale service Send out 1-2 engineers to customers’ manufacturing facility to support them put in, test the equipment, and train their workers. This is chargeable
six Make contact with Ms Lilly CZPT (mob: -15266238607)

PACKAGING & Shipping:


Company TRADE Displays About THE CZPT:


1. PC/PP hollow profile sheet/hollow grid sheet extrusion line
Processing substance: Laptop/PP virgin substance in addition recycle content
Thickness variety: 2mm-4mm-6mm-8mm-10mm-12mm
Net sheet width: 1220mm-2100mm
Layer composition: One layer or multi-layer
Ability: 200-600kg/h
Application: Adverts. Decoration, roofing, packaging, printing, and so on.
two. Stomach muscles/HIPS sheet extrusion device:
Processing substance: Abdominal muscles/HIPS virgin pellets plus recycle material
Thickness variety: one-6mm
Internet Sheet width: 1200mm-1600mm-2100mm(or as for each customer’s prerequisite)
Layer Construction: One layer or multi-layer
Potential: 400-800kg/h
Software: Vacuum forming, thermoforming, fridge inner layer, suitcase, and so on.
three. Stomach muscles/PMMA sheet extrusion equipment:
Processing material: Ab muscles/PMMA virgin pellets in addition recycle material
Thickness range: one-8mm
Net sheet width: 1200mm-1600mm-2100mm(or as for each customer’s prerequisite)
Layer composition: Single layer or multi-layer
Potential: 400-800kg/h
Software: Vacuum forming, bathtub, and so on.
four. PP PE foam board/sheet extrusion line
Processing material: PP, PE , Foam additives, grasp batch
Thickness range:.eight-3-12mm
Web sheet width: 600mm-1260mm-
Layer structure: One layer or double layers (A/B), 3 levels (A/B/A, A/B/C)
Ability: one hundred fifty-500kg/h
Application: stationery, containers, purses, warmth insulation substance, building, foodstuff packing, car spot, industry software, sports fields and so on.

5. PE HDPE sheet extrusion equipment:
Processing materials: HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE virgin pellets additionally recycle material
Thickness range: 1-2.5mm, 3-35mm
Internet sheet width: 1200mm-1600mm-1800mm-2500mm-3000mm-40000mm-6000mm-8000mm
Layer composition: Single layer or multi-layer
Capacity: 200kg/h-1200kg/h
Software: Packaging, design, h2o-evidence, h2o-drainage, Geomembrane movie, etc.
six. Pc/GPPS/PMMA sheet extrusion equipment:
Processing material: Computer/GPPS/PMMA virgin pellets additionally recycle content
Thickness assortment: 1-12mm
Internet sheet witdh: 600mm-1220mm-2100mm(or as for each customer’s prerequisite)
Layer Framework: Solitary layer or multi-layer
Ability: 400-600kg/h
Software: Adverts., decoration, roofing, etc.

seven. PP/PS sheet extrusion machine:
Processing material: PP/PS virgin pellets plus recycle substance
Thickness assortment: .15-2mm
Web sheet width: 650mm-720mm-1000mm-1300mm-1500mm(or as for every customer’s need)
Layer structure: One layer or multi-layer
Ability: 200kg/h-1000kg/h
Software: Thermoforming(cup, bowl, and so forth. ), stationery, printing sheet, packaging, and many others.

8PET sheet extrusion device:
Processing material: PET virgin pellets(APET or PETG) in addition flakes Or a hundred% flakes
Thicknes selection: .2-one.5mm
Web sheet width: 650mm-1500mm(or as per cusotmer’s requirement)
Layer construction: Signle layer or multi-layer
Potential: one hundred fifty-500kg/h
Software: Thermoforming(cup, bowel, and so forth. ), stationery, printing sheet, packaging, etc.

9. PVC sheet/edge banding sheet/marble sheet equipment:
Processing substance: PVC electrical power in addition other additive
Thickness range: .15-1mm 1-3mm 3-12mm
Web sheet width: 650mm-2000mm-3000mm( or as for every customer’s needs)
Layer construction: One layer or multi-layer
Potential: 200kg/h-500kg/h
Software: Thermoforming, stationery, printing, payment card, SIM card, design, and so forth.
10. EVA auto interior decoration sheet extrusion line
Processing content: EVA and other additives
Thickness selection: one-8mm
Width selection: one thousand-1800mm
Layer  strcuture: one layer
Potential: five hundred-800kg/h
Software: automotive sealing strips, seem insulation cushion, seem absorption sheets,
vehicle tail box, fenders, automobile interior and exterior decoration components and many others.

11. PVC+PMMA Glazed roofing tiles/corrugated sheet extrusion device
Processing material: PVC, PMMA and other additives
Thickness variety: one-8mm
Width range: 720mm, 880mm, 1040mm
Layer framework: A/B, A/B/A, A/B/C
Capacity: 400kg/h
Application: garden-style factory, tourist scenic spots, pavillions, hotels, family building etc.


High Speed PP PS Pet Sheet Extruder Extrusion Line Making Machine