Low Noise N20 DC Mini Gear Motor 5V

 N20 DC Mini Equipment Motorgear reducer motor is not only modest measurement, light weight, easy set up, easy servicing, compact construction, extremely-lower tone, stable operation, wide variety of output velocity choice, versatility, effectiveness as higher as ninety five%. The support life is enhanced, and dust and external drinking water vapor can be prevented from flowing into the dc motor.

Minimal Noise N20 DC Mini Equipment Motor 5v Product Description:

It is fourteen mm diameter circular equipment motor gearbox.
Parameters in a specified assortment can be CZPT in accordance to customer’s desire.

Mini Gear Motor Voltage selection: 3~12 V    (eg:one.5V 3V four.5V 6V 12V)

Gear Motor 5v Pace assortment: 32~2500 RPM

Total proportions: fourteen. x twenty five.0mm

We have a great deal of different reduction ratio,Tie-in and different reduction ratio of the reducer, deceleration electrical chance to output diverse rotational pace,In addition to modify the velocity reduction ratio can modify the equipment motor, you can modify the velocity of the motor.

Reduction ratio table :(The “L” is Equipment length ,the device is “mm”)

The adhering to is a single of the parameters:

Parameters of the model


VOL TAGE NO LOAD AT Maximum Commencing
r/min A r/min A mN.m g.cm W mN.m kg.cm A
N20AGR298- 0571 6. 33 .571 twenty five .062 24.01 245 .06 98. one. .19
N20AB380- 0571 12. fifty two .035 47 .080 forty four.1 450 .22 225.4 two.three .36
N20AGR50-07250 7.two 340 .045 280 .a hundred and ten nine.eight a hundred .29 49 .5 .forty five
N20AGR100- 0571 4.5 ninety five .030 85 .050 five.98 sixty .05 29.four .3 .25
N20AGR298- 0571 six. forty .030 35 .080 29.4 three hundred .eleven 147 one.five .35
N20AGR298-08230 six. fifty two .040 forty five .a hundred and twenty 39.2 400 .18 176.4 1.eight .52
N20AGR30-5715 six. 620 .045 540 .100 3.92 forty .22 19.six .two .fifty eight
N20AGR30-08220 6. 580 .050 480 .a hundred thirty 5.88 sixty .thirty 29.four .3 .fifty five
N20AGR298-5718 6. 70 .050 fifty six .200 forty seven.04 480 .27 235.two 2.4 .80
N20AGR298-11115 five. 50 .070 45 .170 34.3 350 .sixteen 176.4 1.eight .85
N20AGR30-12105 6. 1100 .one hundred 850 .520 fourteen.seven one hundred fifty 1.31 73.five .seventy five 2.10
N20AGR50-12105 six. 650 .one hundred 500 .520 24.5 250 1.28 117.six one.2 two.twenty
N20AGR298-13100 three. sixty .080 50 .230 49 five hundred .26 245 two.5 1.fifteen
N20AGR50-1390 four.2 540 .130 360 .620 24.five 250 .92 78.4 .eight one.78
N20AGR50-1470 three. 480 .140 380 .440 eleven.76 one hundred twenty .47 fifty eight.8 .6 2.1
N20AGR100-5718 six. 205 .070 a hundred and seventy .two hundred 24.5 250 .43 117.6 one.2 .eighty five

Our engineering department can give specific types for different shaft length .

Packaging & Shipping and delivery:

Packaging Depth: standard export carton with internal foam in case of getting broken.

 Delivery Element: twenty times following receiving the order and superior payment of thirty%.

Firm creation workshop:

We will examination every motor, to make certain that consumers receive experienced motor. Mechanization of production to recognize total-automatic, even more increase the manufacturing effectiveness and stable merchandise good quality.

We have twenty many years of expertise in design and style analysis and improvement,Items in rigid accordance with the normal manufacturing in Japan, “the top quality first, customer supreme” is our administration plan.
As long as you set CZPT need, we can recommend ideal motor items for you, welcome to consult!

Low Noise N20 DC Mini Gear Motor 5V