Naipu 2 Inch Slurry Pump with 11kw Motor

             NaiPu 2 Inch slurry pump with 11kw Motor (three/2C-AH)

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two Inch slurry pump with 11kw Motor

Variety Notation

3 —- Suction dimensions : 3 inch
two—- outlet measurement: 2inch
NP— ShiJiaZhuang NaiPu Pump Co.,Ltd 
AH— Heavy Responsibility Slurry Pumps
Proformance Parameters

Variety Allowable Mating Max. Electrical power(Kw)   Distinct H2o Functionality Impeller
Content Potential/Q m³/hr    CZPT/m  peed
Max Eff% NPSH/m Nos of Vane Impeller Diameter/
one.5/1-NP-AH fifteen M
twelve.six–28.eight six–sixty eight 1200–3800 forty two–four 5 152
R ten.eight-twenty five.2 seven-fifty two 1400-3400 35 three
2X1.five-NP-AH fifteen M 32.4–seventy two 6–fifty eight 1200–3200 45 three.five–eight five 184
R 25.2-54 5.five-forty one 1000-2600 50 2.5-five 178
3X2-NP-AH 30 M 39.six–86.4 twelve–sixty four 1300–2700 55 4–6 five 214
R 36-seventy five.six 13-39 1300-2100 fifty five two-4 213
4X3-NP-AH 30 M 86.4–198 nine–fifty two a thousand–2200 seventy one four–6 five 245
R 79.two-a hundred and eighty 5-34.5 800-1800 59 3-5
6X4-NP-AH 60 M 162–360 12–fifty six 800–1550 65 five–8 5 365
R 144-324 twelve-45 800-1350 sixty five 3-five
8X6-NP-AH  300 M 360–828 10–61 500–1140 72 two–9 5 510
R 324-720 seven-forty nine 400-one thousand sixty five five-ten
10X8-NP-AH  560 M 612–1368 eleven–sixty one four hundred–850 71 4–ten 5 686
R 540-1188 12-fifty four hundred-750 seventy five 4-12
12X10-NP-AH 560 M 936–1980 seven–68 three hundred–800 eighty two six five 762
R 720-1620 7-forty five three hundred-650 eighty 2.five-7.5
14X12-NP-AH 560 M 1260–2772 thirteen–sixty three 300–600 77 three–ten 5 965
R 1152-2520 thirteen-forty four 300-500 79 3-8
16X14-NP-AH 1200 M 1368–3060 11–63 250–550 seventy nine 4–10 5 1067
20X18-NP-AH 1200 M 2520–5400 13–fifty seven 200–400 85 5–10 5  1370

NAIPU ZJR Series is equivalent with AH sequence

Kind ZJR, ZJM, ZJH Pump are cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. They are created for the handing high density slurries in the metallurgical, mining , coal, energy, building substance and other industrial division and so on.
The body plates liner and impeller for variety ZJR , ZJ(M) pumps have replaceable put on-resistant metal liners or rubber liners.
The shaft seals for sort ZJ(R),ZJM, and ZJH Pump may possibly be adoptable of gland seal , expeller seal or Mechanical seal . 
The discharge department can be positioned at intervals of forty five levels by ask for and oriented to any eight positions to match installations and purposes.
CZPT assembly use cylindrical construction, which aids adjust the space amongst impeller and protect plate liner effortlessly, and currently being taken out completely when getting fixed. CZPTs use grease lubrication. Below are the drive kinds, such as V belt drive, gear reducer generate, fluid coupling generate, and frequency conversion generate units.
Wide performance, excellent NPSH and large performance, the pump of this type might be put in in multistage series to meet the shipping and delivery for long distance.


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CZPT Components for three/2 CAH Slurry Pumps
three/two Slurry Pump Rubber Parts 

2 inch Slurry Pump CZPT Parts 

Pump Design Components Title Parts Code Content
50ZJ(three/2C-AH) Oil Cup Foundation D138 20D.Zn
Body Base  C003M HT200
Body PLate C2032 HT200
Frame PLate QT C2032 QT500-seven
Cover plate C2013 HT200
Go over plate QT C2013 QT500-seven
Impeller  C2147 A05
Impeller C2127 Rubber
Volute liner  C2110NA A05
Cover plate liner C2017 rubber 
frame plate liner C2036 Rubber
Body Plate liner Insert c2041 A05
Shaft sleeve C075 4Cr13
Shaft CZPTr C117 4cr13
Stuffing Box C078 HT200
Stuffing Box C078 A05
Expeller C571 A05
Expeller ring C571 A05
lantern Ring C063 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Lantern Restrictor Ring C118 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Neck Ring C067 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Gland Assembly C044 HT200
Include Plate Bolt C015M 45
O Ring C217 NBR
Ingestion Joint C2060 Nature Rubber 
Discharge Joint C2132XLP Character Rubber 
volute liner seal ring C2125 Character Rubber 
Shaft O ring C109 O Ring 
Expeller Ring /Stuffing Box Seal
Seal Ring
C122 Mother nature Rubber 
Lip seals C090 NBR
CZPT Hosing C004M HT200
Finish Protect C571 HT200
Butter retaining ring C046 HT200
labyrinth  C062 HT200
Shaft C073M forty five
CZPT Assembly C005M  
Labyrinth Locknut  C061 forty five# steel
Changing Screw C001 45# steel
Gland Bolts C045 forty five# steel
Body Plate  Studs C039 forty five# metal
Clamp Washer C011 forty five# metal

Main Pump CZPT Parts
Principal Slurry Pump Elements : Impeller , Volute Liner , Casing , ThroatBush, Frame Plate Liner Insert , Cover Plate , Frame Plate, Pump Liner Expeller , Expeller Ring ,Stuffing Box , Expeller , Pump Shaft , shaft sleeve, Shaft CZPTr, CZPT Assembly , Base, Stuffing Box, Gland Assembly, CZPT Housing , Lantern Ring , pump discharge pipe , flange , and so on.

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Naipu 2 Inch Slurry Pump with 11kw Motor