PE Laminated Paper Flexo Printing Machine

  1. the entire device use micro computer manage
  2. main motor 1.5kw inveter manage which can management speed freely
  3. 40w reducer motor run ink separately ,2 groups

Printing portion

  1. pneumatic lifting and lowering printing cylinders .
  2. metal anilox with chamber plastic doctor blade systm
  3. 360 degree for vertical color registration with accuracy ±0.1mm
  4. ±20mm horizontal color registration.
  5. handbook adjust ink pressure and printing press stress.

Drying element

  1. the 1st coloration drying making use of 1kw heating pipe ,temp controller manage temperature,20w centrilfugal blower to pass air.
  2. the second coloration drying using 4kw heating pipe, .5kw centralfigual blower to pass air


  1. using0.5kw centrifugall blower to move the air
  2. all the drying oven use separated control.

the connecting component
pneumatic tension connect the positioner management ,so that the printing machine and the bag producing device can be synchronous management
spare areas checklist

product Identify authentic  
1 Primary motor 1.5KW china  
2 Inverter one.5KW china  
three Ink running reducer motor 40W china  
4 Minimal voltage manage swap schnider  
5 Auto tension controller haitai  
six Xihu (West Lake) Dis. roller and bearing china  

body composition:
Main motor adopts synchronous push the difficult tooth gear box,gear box synchronous timing belt travel each and every printing team,large accuracy planet gearbox)( 360ºcolor registration)gear travel the push printing roller(entrance and back again printing can be changeable))

  1. right after printing ,the material place is extended ,which can make the ink easily drying,and materials can be cooling nicely.


Product GYT2800
Max. material width 800mm
Max. printing width 760mm
Printing size variety 228-1000mm
Max. material diameter Ф600mm
Printing velocity 5-100m


PE Laminated Paper Flexo Printing Machine