Plastic Pellet Extruder Machine Price

Squander Movie/Baggage recycle Granules Making Line

CZPT introduction
       SJ series movie recycling pelletizer creation line is the specific tools tor the film recycling and pelletizing With compacting device, it could pre- compact the skinny content into the modest granule, creating the automated feeding content less complicated, and it efficiency improves the production.
       Cylinder variety hydraulic changer with vacuum gas exhausting enables the non- quit altering fitter and no leaking material. pelletizing by Die- Experience-Minimize enhances the pelletizing top quality.

Create-line description
 1.Feeding Device
     We have a variety of feeding methods for you to pick, you can choose the appropriate feeding program according to the true scenario of your raw supplies. Our machine can be utilized with all types of extruders. It can save your labor ,and realize the impact of basic safety and dependability.
     This machine is utilised to extrude plastic cleaned by large temperature. The extrusion line can be consisted by this sort of accessory device: Primary motor, the equipment box, the distribution box, the barrel and screw, the dies, vacuum calibration tank. Primary Motor is mainly to source the electrical power. The Equipment box transfers the motor to power. The distribution box enlarges the power of the energy and realizes uniformity. CZPT screws can make lower viscosity index eat of uncooked material and improve generation. It also has a Cooling tank generating the heat of screw be appropriate.
     We use plug board variety to modify nets and hold device working. The mound is manufactured by 40Cr nitridation .The strain sensor prompts to alter the nets. There also can put in a hydraulic gear to change the nets a lot more swiftly.
 4.H2o Channel
     The h2o channel is 4 meters extended.Make out write-up of cooling
five.Winds drying device
     Through the double channels sturdy wind dryer, force drying and cooling report materials attain the rapidly speed result of shaping up.
6.Pelletizer device
     It adopts grain layout, precision is higher and can assure the rotatory precision and stationery of electricity, movements of cylinder are controlled by the solenoid valve, the computerized degree is substantial and  the  noise is low.

Our positive aspects
    one.Extremely efficent:The equipment is automated and with significantly less electricity intake.
    2.CZPT station hydraulic trade internet
    three.This device can have out best viscosity of PET CZPT difficult precystallization dryer technique. Only a bit IV will be diminished. It can increase IV in the situation of including some 
suited additive.
    five.Screw style: Parallel double-screw.
    six.New made gear box and transmission program for high torque
    seven.Automatic temperature control

The entire creation line
The plastic raw materials which have been enhancing, filling and blending should be used for injection or extrusion molding after granulation. For how to choose the appropriate granulation methods, our professional team will provide you professional technical support.  

Major Traits
1. The equipment box                
one) Rotating speed: MAX 600~1500RPM
2) Combining host transmission box speed reduction and torque distribution part together, making use of three axis style design, with compact structure. Speed reduction, torque distribution and two output Shaft radia bearing all use NSK bearings.
3) Gear is 6 grade which is a high precision. High speed overloading hard-tooth surface. The materials are 20CrNi2MoA or 20CrMnMo, HRC 60/sixty two.
 two. The feeding program
Various forms of feeding structure and system single screw extruder, twin screw, hollow spring type, Mesh and mesh, can cover the various material status 
 three. Screw and barrels
Screw Kneading block built on modular principle allows various L/D ratio of screw easily be changed to Suit different material. Screw component made of high speed & wear-resisting steel.
The screw elements are designed accurately and made of high tool steel 38CrMoALA or W6Mo5Cr4V2 by special heater treatment.

Device Kind

Software Material

Granules Show

BRP twin screw pelletizing machine technical parameter: 

Design Screw Diameter
D (mm)
screw L/D screw speed
N (r/min)
Main motor power
Screw Torque
T (N.m)
Torque Level
BRP20 28~40 600 3/four 30 four.8 3-fifteen
BRP35 35.5 28~56 five hundred 11 / 15 a hundred and fifteen 4.2 twenty-70
BRPfifty 50.5 28~fifty six 500 45 / 55 / 75 425 5.1 eighty-a hundred and fifty
BRP52B fifty one.4 28~56 400/500/600/800 45 / 55 / 75 425 5.1 one hundred twenty-280
BRPsixty five 62.4 28~56 500 / 600 55 / 75 / 90 675 four.8 a hundred and fifty-300
BRP65B 62.4 28~fifty six four hundred/500/600/800 ninety/one hundred ten 675 4.8 200-five hundred
BRP75 seventy one 28~56 500 / 600 90 /110 /132 1005 4.six three hundred-550
BRP75B seventy one 28~fifty six 400/five hundred/600/800 110 /132/180 1005 4.6 three hundred-seven-hundred
BRPninety five ninety three 28~56 400 / 500 250 / 315 2815 five.9 600-one thousand

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Plastic Pellet Extruder Machine Price