Polyimide Film Tape  Pi Film Kapton Film 6051 for Electric Insulation

6051 Polyimide Film
Warmth-resistance: H Course 180ºC

6051 polyimide film is synthesized by polymerizing PMDA and ODA in robust polar solvents via the process of forming movie and imines treatment at high temperature.

It has superb bodily, chemical and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, solvent resistant, reduced & higher temperature resistant (as low as -452°F(-269°C) and as high as +500°F(+260°C). Used in versatile printed circuits and as insulating supplies of flat electric cables, electromagnetic wires and motors.

Thickness: .05mm, .075mm, .1mm
Width: as cusmomers ask for
Sort: in rolls


CZPT Info:

Number Index Unit CZPT
one Density g/cm3 ≥1.4
2 Tensile Strength MPa ≥100
three Breakdown Voltage KV/mm ≥30
four Elongation % ≥25
five Volume Resistivity ΩM/CM 1×10seven
six Heat shrinkage charge % Significantly less than 3.5-2.
7 Dielectric toughness V/UM ≥100(20+/-5°C)


House Title (Название свойста) H Variety Movie (Пленка тип Н)
Appearance (Наружный вид) Transparent or semi-clear golden movie with smooth and flat surface area and CZPT any needle cavities, bubbles or electrically conductive impurities. (Прозрачная или полупрозрачная золотистая пленка с гладкой ровной поверхностью без проколов, вздутий, электропроводящих включений.)
Thickness Nominal(um) (Номинальная толщина) 20. twenty five. thirty. 40. fifty. 75. 100. a hundred twenty five. a hundred and fifty. a hundred seventy five.
Thickness Tolerance(um) (Допуск толщины) ±3. ±3. ±3. ±4. ±5. ±7.5 ±10 ±12.5 ±15. ±17.5
Width (mm) (Ширина) 6-1040 six-520
Duration(m) (Длина) 1000±5 500±5 300±5 200±5
Tensile Strength MPa    ≥ (Прочность на растяжение) a hundred and forty one hundred twenty
Elongation at Rupture % ≥ (Удлинение при разрыве) forty 60
Dielectric Strength MV/m ≥ (Диэлектрическая прочность) 150 120
Area Resistivity Ω.cm ≥ (Поверхностное удельное сопротивление) one.0x10thirteen
Volume resistivity Ω   ≥ (Объемное удельное сопротивление) one.0x1015
Dielectric Consistent (106H) (Диэлектрический коэффициент) 3~four
Dielectric Tangent(ten6H)  ≤ (Диэлектрический тангенс) 1.0×10-3

Polyimide Film Tape  Pi Film Kapton Film 6051 for Electric Insulation