Qingdao Marble Stone Surface Roughness Shot Blasting Machine

HangCZPT Marble Stone Surface area Roughness Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting Device Doing work Description

Stone Shot Blasting Equipment is mostly used for marble, straightforward elements, tiny castings surface cleaning, Its principal objective is toto eliminate rust, dirt on the area of the workpiece, scale, sand casting, and so forth..It can make the workpiece cleansing, decontamination and strengthening, deoxidization ,which increases the exhaustion strength, and eventually achieves the purpose of boost the top quality of workpiece surface and interior. 

Functioning theory:

Stone shot blasting device is the constant feeding of high-performance ongoing operation cleansing equipment,it can hand massive portions workpieces, The variable frequency motor push roller cleaning equipment the workpiece feeding chamber projectile body region by electronically managed in the cleaning approach. its whole entire body each and every floor gets from distinct coordinate orientation robust dense projectile hit and friction, so that the scale and grime on the workpiece slide off speedily, finally getting a specified surface roughness smooth surface area. the workpiece previously mentioned the projectile recovered by dust and rust screw conveyor falled into the projectile circulatory technique by cleaning up the out of doors loading and unloading on equally sides.


Our devices can cleansing different size stone/marble and so forth. Tell us your workpieces dimension,we can layout it according to your requirment,specialist enginners provide to you.

Pictures of stone shot blasting machine


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Qingdao Marble Stone Surface Roughness Shot Blasting Machine