Road Roller Capacity Weight of Road Roller Hydraulic Vibratory Roller

Highway roller ability weight of highway roller CZPT vibratory roller




one.The device is geared up with the brand name electricity,brand-title top quality assurance,superior performance,easy to commence.

2.The equipment is picked of global manufacturer-identify CZPT variable pump and quantitative mator,repeatedly variable,it can stroll backward and CZPT.

3.It has CZPT steering,steering light-weight and versatile.

four.It has finished control function,to entirely control the device operating at any time.

5.It utilizes the Japanese-produced Nsk(seiko)bearings ,to make certain the machine’s performance.

six.It is installed of luxurious seats,straightforward adjustment,comfortable function.

seven.It has streamlined physique design,a lot more gorgeous and generous.

8.The machine’s surface is treated by spray.

nine. The merchandise has handed CE certification.


CZPT configurtion:


Variable displacement pump and mounted displacement motor

Tandem strolling drive

CZPT articulated steering 

Vibration change on the instrument panel

Each wheel is equipped with the two blades

Gravity sprinkle system 

Adjustable driver’s seats

CZPT h2o tank

Control and warning indicators

Work chronographs

Mechchical transmission electromagnetic clutch

Anti-tilt defense


Solution Description


Merchandise NO/Information ST1000A ST1000 ST1000B ST1000S
Engine sort One cylinder, vertical, air-cooled, 4-stroke, gasoline Solitary cylinder, vertical, air-cooled, four-stroke, diesel Single cylinder, vertical, air-cooled, 4-stroke, diesel One cylinder, horizontal, water-cooled, 4-stroke, diesel
Variety of cylinders 1
Output electricity (KW) six 6 five.88
Score pace(RPM) 3600 3600 3600 2400
CZPTal tools(V) twelve
Travel method Variable plunge pump, stepless pace alter, double-wheel sequence
Strolling pace (KM/H) –four
Theoretical climbing capacity(%) thirty/35(vibration on/off)
Swing angle(°) 28
Steering method CZPT cylinder, articulated steering
Steering system Swing articulated
Thrilling System    
Vibration wheel Front
Drive type Mechanical vibration, electromagnetic clutch
Vibration frequency (HZ) 70 70 70 sixty five
Vibration amplitude (MM) .five
Thrilling pressure(KN) twenty
SPRINKING Method    
Drinking water spray kind Gravity-kind drinking water
CZPT oil capacity(L) thirteen
Gas capacity(L) 6.5 15 five.5 10
Drinking water tank ability (L) 65
Doing work width(MM) 825
Total length(MM) 1870
Equipment peak(MM) 1450
Turning radius(outer)(MM) 2600
Ground clearance(MM) one hundred sixty five
Wheel keep track of(MM) 1230
Drum measurement five hundred*700mm*2
Drum thickness(MM) twelve
Bodyweight(KG) one thousand
Static load(N/CM) fifty six/seventy seven fifty seven/77 56/seventy seven 58/77

Road Roller Capacity Weight of Road Roller Hydraulic Vibratory Roller