1.8 Geared Brushless Motor

Product&colonFXD57H-280-200-eighteen CZPT Details  
            A     B   C   D  E     F     G Action angle precision &pm5&percnt
Be aware&colon  A  Fuxianda Temperature increase 80K Max
          B  Motor dia or square dimensions Ambient temperature twenty-&plus50ºC
          C  Hybrid stepper motor Insulation resistance 100M  Min&period500VDC
          D  Stage quantity Dielectric strenght 500VAC&period3mA&comma1 minute
          E  Motor size IP Class IP40
          F  Section current multiply by 100 Insulation Course Class B
          G  Stage angle multiply by ten    


Motor Specification
design Action angle Motor duration Section current Phase resistance Section inductance Holding torque Guide No&period of time Weight
  &lpar°&rpar L&lparmm&rpar &lparA&rpar &lpar&ohm&rpar25ºC &lparmH&rpar &lparKg&periodcm&rpar   &lparg&rpar
FXD57H246-two hundred-09 &period9 forty six 2 1&period4 three&period4 five&period7 4 500
FXD57H251-200-09 &period9 fifty one two one&period76 six&period6 nine&period2 four 650
FXD57H255-two hundred-09 &period9 55 2 one&period88 8&period2 eleven&period2 four 700
FXD57H276-two hundred-09 &period9 76 two 2&period6 thirteen 17&period3 4 a thousand
FXD57H464-one hundred fifty-18 1&period8 64 1&period5 three&period5 5&period5 eleven&period8 eight 870
FXD57H477-150-eighteen 1&period8 77 1&period5 5 10 18 eight 1571
FXD57H246-two hundred-18 one&period8 46 two 1&period1 2&period8 six&period5 four five hundred
FXD57H246-300-eighteen one&period8 forty six 3 &period43 one&period09 six&period5 four five hundred
FXD57H255-two hundred-eighteen 1&period8 55 2 1&period4 5 ten&period2 four 700
FXD57H255-300-18 1&period8 55 three &period54 1&period98 10&period2 four seven-hundred
FXD57H262-200-eighteen one&period8 sixty two two one&period6 5&period5 13 4 850
FXD57H262-300-eighteen 1&period8 62 3 &period62 2&period1 13 four 850
FXD57H280-two hundred-18 1&period8 80 two two&period1 ten 20&period4 four 1150
FXD57H280-300-eighteen one&period8 eighty 3 &period82 3&period8 twenty&period4 4 1150


Earth gearbox parameter
Gearbox kind Ratio
CZPT gearbox three&period71&colon1 5&period18&colon1 14&colon1 19&colon1 27&colon1 fifty one&colon1 seventy one&colon1 one hundred&colon1 139&colon1      
Precision gearbox four&colon1 seven&colon1 10&colon1 16&colon1 twenty&colon1 25&colon1 36&colon1 40&colon1 fifty&colon1 70&colon1 ninety&colon1 a hundred&colon1

The stepper motor produced by us has wide selection of software like robots&comma digital automatic gear&comma health care instrument&comma advertisementing instrument&comma lighting& audio gear&comma printer&comma textile machinery&comma CNC router and so forth&interval
Be aware&colon If you have some diverse specs&comma we can product stepper motor as your unique needs&time period
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1.8 Geared Brushless Motor