50W-11kw motor controller high torque AC servo motor



cnc servo motor 50W-11kw motor controller high torque AC servo motor

SZGH servo motor can be do 50w-11kw , high torque , high speed ; supprot 2500ppr encoder , 23bit absolute encoder
Rated Power
Rated torque
Rated speed
Rated Curret
Rated Voltage

Product Details

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Description of Driver

Input  Power : Single Three Phase AC380V-15%~+10% SO/60HZ

Control model : 
0: Position Control;  1:Speed Control;  
2: Torque Control; 3:Position/Speed Control;
4·PositionTorque Control:5:Speed Torque Control
Protective Function : Over-speed Over-voltage Under-voltage Over-current OverloadEncoder Error/ Control Power Eror/ Position Offset Eror
Driver Load : Less than 3times of rotor inertia 
Display : 5 bits LED indicator display  4 Operate keys
Communication : RS485
Position Control : Input Model , Electric Ratio 
Direction for servo motor 
SZGH-13230AC is 2.3KW ,15NM and 2500RPM servo motor, it is low cost , and very general-purpose type. Imported feedback components,
original imported low-noise motor.
There are two kinds type servo driver, SZGH-SD4038,SZGH-503, that matching for 1.5KW servo motor.
There is also one dual servo driver,SZGH-302,that can control two pcs of 2.3KW servo motors synchronously.
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